Summer Reading Program / Study Skills

summer-reading-programTen-one hour sessions
One-on-one instruction
(Includes two reading assessments)

Many students struggle with reading and preparing for tests. This issue becomes a serious problem when students take standardized tests like the ACT exam because students are forced to read lengthy passages and answer difficult and often complex questions under severe time constraints. Our Summer Reading Program can help students with this problem.

The goals of the program are:

  • Improve reading rate
  • Develop critical thinking skills to be able to answer inference questions
  • Comprehend interpretive material and gain confidence in reading
  • Learn techniques for taking notes about the material being read so that preparing for exams becomes more efficient and effective.

Students will have the opportunity to practice using novels and text books. If a student has a book to read for the next school year, we can incorporate it into the program to give the student a jumpstart on the new school year.

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