Why Reading Tree?

reading-tree-tutoring-napervilleRELATIONSHIPS: We create and maintain relationships with our students and families. After over 40 years in the Naperville and Downers Grove areas, we are now helping children and grandchildren of former students.

EDUCATIONAL SPECIALISTS: As well as being certified teachers, our tutors undergo additional training for our specialized programs in ACT and SAT preparation, High School Entrance Exam preparation and our Summer Reading Program.

ACHIEVEMENT: Our tutors have the freedom to create individual programs so students can achieve their goals. What works for one student may not work with another student.

DYNAMICS: The Reading Tree is locally owned and hires staff from the local area. Our best advertisement is referrals which we have been receiving since 1976. We put customers’ interests first so we do not require long term contracts. Our parents only pay for services that their students use.


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