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reading-tree-test-takingSince 1976, our preparation course has worked for hundreds of students who expressed desire to enter private or parochial schools. How? Our High School Entrance Exam Preparation Course allows students to:

  • Gain familiarity with the test’s instructions and layout
  • Gain the confidence they need to be successful by working through numerous problems found on sub-tests
  • Review critical content and refine reasoning abilities
  • Study the content and rules that are generic to every test
  • Practice appropriate test-taking strategies

In addition, we provide weekly feedback to parents through email so that you know each week how your child is performing in our review course. High School Entrance Exam Registration. We also offer individual tutoring to prepare students for the High School Entrance Exam. We use the same curriculum as in our review course, but we tailor it to your student’s strengths and weaknesses. We do not sell “packages” of hours that you do not need; you only pay for what you use. We have had numerous students accepted into highly selective schools such as Benet Academy, St. Ignatius College Prep., and Marmion Academy as well as receive scholarships to attend St. Francis High School after completing our program.

Course Description

Please be advised that you are enrolling your student in a specific class. If your student cannot attend his/her scheduled class and you would like him/her to attend a different class, you must first contact our office so that we can advise you of the classes that have openings. We do not guarantee that we can accommodate any requests to attend any class other than the one in which your student is enrolled.

We strictly limit our class size to 16 students to provide the highest quality review to our students.

High School Entrance Exam Test Prep

High School Entrance Exam Courses are 8 x 1.5 hour sessions
We require a minimum enrollment of 5 students to hold a course.


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